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Telos 352

Telos 352

16 000,00 €

Fiche technique Notre avis

Largeur : 305 mm
Hauteur : 230 mm
Profondeur : 385 mm
Poids : 33 kg
Garantie : Non
Bande passante : 0 - 300 kHz
Puissance : 300 W - 8ohms
Entrées : 2 x Digital S/Pdif input
Sorties : output RCA connector (Alize 6 D/A converter)

- Produit d'occasion (dépot vente client) en excellent état fonctionnel et esthétique.

- Frais de port non compris

The GOLDMUND TELOS 352 amplifier, as all high quality amplifiers, generates a large amount of heat when driven at high levels and must be vented properly. It is mandatory to allow a proper cooling of the heat sinks. Do not put temperature sensitive equipment on top of the amplifier.

Due to its weight, and to maximize the effect of the built-in "Mechanical Grounding" construction, the TELOS 352 can be located on the floor or on other very strong supports if they offer rigid transmission to the floor.

The TELOS 352 is built on four rubber feet to ensure proper the amplifier support. This avoids all detrimental vibrations inside the amplifier, following the famous GOLDMUND "Mechanical Grounding" principle.

If you use more than one TELOS 352 at any location, you may decide to stack them. You may stack up to 3 amps provided extra care is taken to ensure proper air circulation vents the side heat-sinks.